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The tail feathers of the peafowl are used to attract a mate and to ward off enemies.



The tail feathers of the peafowl are used to attract a mate and to ward off enemies. The “eyes” on the tips of its feathers can scare off predators; however, it did not need to ward off predators until after the Fall of man. Because of the peafowl’s beauty, many explorers and voyagers captured these animals and took them to their homes. The peafowl’s display of tail feathers is actually designed with remarkable precision. Every detail within each feather coordinates exactly to give us the eye pattern and fan-shape of the peafowl’s tail.


  • The peafowl is the largest member of the pheasant family.
  • The male, with his metallic blue head, neck, and upper body, is more brightly colored than the female.

Fun Facts

  • Most people call the peafowl a “peacock,” but the peacock is actually a male peafowl. The female is called a “peahen.”
  • The peafowl has an average of 200 tail feathers, which are shed every year in the fall and regrown in December or January.
  • When in groups, the peafowl will warn each other of coming danger by shrieking cries and honks.

Created Kind Members

Turkey, ptarmigan

CLASS: Aves (birds)
ORDER: Galliformes (chicken-like birds)
FAMILY: Phasianidae (pheasants, quail and relatives)
GENUS/SPECIES: Pavo cristatus and P. muticus (blue [also called Indian] and green)

Size: Up to over 7 ft (2.1 m) long; almost 5 ft (1.5 m) is tail
Weight: Between 6 and 8.8 lbs (2.7–4 kg)
Original Diet: Plants
Present Diet: Small plants and animals, including snakes
Habitat: Open deciduous forests near streams in Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka

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