Great Blue Heron

on June 8, 2010


Great Blue Heron

The long legs of a heron allow it to effectively fish in the wetland areas where it lives. A heron’s bill is perfectly designed to catch its food. It use it to stab fish, which it then swallows whole. This feature was given by God and was adapted for the consumption of meat, sometime after the Fall of man.


  • The great blue heron is the largest heron in North America.
  • It has rounded wings and a long, pointed bill. The great blue heron has a gray upper body and neck. It also is streaked with white, black, and brown.

Fun Facts

  • A great blue heron swallows its food whole.
  • Even though the great blue heron likes to hunt alone, it will sometimes sleep in groups of over 100.

Created Kind Members

Black-headed heron, great egret

CLASS: Aves (birds)
ORDER: Ciconiiformes (storks and relatives)
FAMILY: Ardeidae (herons, egrets)
GENUS/SPECIES: Ardea herodias

Size: 3–5 ft tall (1–1.4 m)
Weight: 4–5 lbs (2.1–2.5 kg)
Original Diet: Plants
Present Diet: Fish mainly, but also frogs, salamanders, and other water creatures
Habitat: Wetland areas around lakes, ponds, and rivers in most of North and Central America and northern South America

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