Family Devotion Time

on July 1, 2016

Family Devotion Time

Today’s advanced airplanes are impressive marvels of engineering. But even with all the brainpower that goes into those flying machines, they’re pretty primitive compared to the elegance of birds in flight.

Here’s the Deal

The incredible design of birds points to the Designer—God!

Airplanes get the job done. They take off, zoom from one place to another, and lumber to a stop on a runway. But birds can zip into the air, dodge trees while they fly, and pull up at just the right moment to land on a small branch.

But, amazingly, many scientists tell us that planes were designed, but birds were not. They don’t believe that Jesus is the Creator. So they say birds’ efficient system of wings, bones, feathers, and tails came about by chance over millions of years, as land animals eventually learned to fly.

The Bible—God’s eyewitness account—reveals something different. On the fifth day of Creation Week, God spoke, and birds filled the skies—perfectly designed to conquer the wild blue yonder (Genesis 1:20).

And that makes much more sense than accidents. No brainless process could build such an amazing creature that leaves our best airplanes in the dust.

Talk It Over

If a friend told you that they believed birds evolved over millions of years, how would you respond?

What lesson did Jesus tell us to learn from the birds? (See Matthew 6.)

Hey, Kids! Buddy Davis here.

You can’t miss birds. They’re everywhere. And each one of them reminds us that our Creator knows much more than we do about how to make things fly.

Buddy Davis

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