Are You Smarter than a . . . Crow?

on November 5, 2008

Crows have proven to be even smarter than apes in certain tests.

Researchers have been doing experiments to see how smart different animals are. Scientists like to talk about the many things chimpanzees and apes can learn, hoping this will show that apes are close relatives to humans. Surprisingly, though, crows have proven to be even smarter than apes in certain tests.

Crows can figure out how to use certain tools in order to obtain snacks. In one study done by the University of Auckland, crows were faced with a scrap of food placed out of reach in a box. A small twig was nearby, too small to reach the box, but long enough to reach a different box where a longer twig was placed. When the crows were left to solve the problem, they used the small twig to get the large twig, and then used the large twig to get the box with the scrap of meat. The amazing thing is that six out of seven crows tested did this on the very first try!

More difficult tests have also been done involving tubes separating the crows from food. In these tests, crows proved to be even smarter than apes, who could not find the solution.

All these tests can teach us that God created many intelligent animals. Ape intelligence is not unique and does not prove evolution. Apes and crows are only two of the wonderful, crafty creatures designed by God.