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  • April 15, 2019

    Born on September 27, 1805, George Müller grew up to be a great Christian evangelist in Bristol, England.

  • Oct. 16, 2017

    Lottie started teaching in Kentucky and Georgia. However, God called her to missionary work and she was accepted to go to China.

  • Oct. 16, 2017

    William and Catherine Booth founded The Salvation Army, which works today to help the poor and to preach the gospel to everyone.

  • Oct. 9, 2017

    Mary Slessor wanted to go farther into Africa—where no missionaries had gone before and lived to tell about it.

  • Oct. 2, 2017

    At first Amy was rejected from missions work and was sent back home because of her health, but she kept trying. In 1894 Amy became a missionary to India.

  • Sept. 25, 2017

    Unlike many Europeans, David treated the African people kindly and respected their culture.

  • Sept. 22, 2017

    Gladys saw many Chinese people come to know Jesus as their Savior, after serving and loving the people of China for many years.

  • Sept. 18, 2017

    After feeling God’s call, Hudson immediately began preparing for the task of becoming a missionary to China.

  • Sept. 18, 2017

    Many people now can read God’s Word for themselves and learn about the message of Jesus because of Cam Townsend.

  • Sept. 12, 2017

    Jim Elliot and his friends died as martyrs, because they believed that sharing the message of Jesus was the most important thing anyone could do.

  • Sept. 12, 2017

    Nate’s death was not a waste. God used his and his friends’ deaths to help the gospel grow among the Aucas—the people they loved.

  • May 16, 2017

    Saul was originally a hateful man who tried to destroy the church, but God totally transformed his life.

  • May 15, 2017

    Mary Jones loved hearing the Bible read during church. Her biggest dream was to learn to read and have her own Bible.

  • May 15, 2017

    William Carey is considered the father of modern missions.

  • May 11, 2017

    William Tyndale wanted everyone to be able to read the Bible in English.

  • April 14, 2015

    What would it be like to live in the jungle far away from any cities, cars, or roads?

  • Keepers of God’s Word
    May 16, 2014

    When his young daughter faced serious challenges to her faith, Matthew Harding knew he needed to do something, and quickly.

  • The Drive to “Keep Boating”
    Oct. 5, 2012

    Over the last thirty years, Tom Vail has safely carried several thousand people over more than 55,000 miles of river and rapids, but his spiritual journey has taken him much further than that.

  • Arabic Creation Website
    June 6, 2012

    All Christians should forward this wonderful news to every Arabic reader they know.

  • Share the Gospel: Making the Most of Your Hobbies
    March 29, 2012

    Gathering to share common interests offers a great opportunity to share the gospel of Christ.

  • All in a Day’s Work
    May 26, 2011

    Dr. Bonita Montes believes that Christian schools must present the creation message clearly and unwaveringly if they want to produce strong, well-grounded graduates.

  • Picture This
    April 7, 2011

    Stew Turner decided to integrate his photographs into his creation ministry.

  • God’s Continuing Work in Haiti
    Sept. 16, 2010

    Matthew Morhart believes that the Bible’s true account of history has given him the tools to help people seeking answers in the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Haiti.

  • A Canvas for Creation
    Sept. 2, 2010

    Art is a powerful tool that grabs people’s attention and opens conversations.

  • William Wilberforce: Abolitionist
    Sept. 16, 2009

    William Wilberforce is the man credited with ending the slave trade in the United Kingdom.