Minor Prophets—Old Testament

on October 10, 2016
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Author: Obadiah

When It Happened: 587 BC

Chapters: 1

Key People: Obadiah, Edomites

Summary: Most of God’s prophets warned God’s people that they must repent and return to the one true God. However, Obadiah was a prophet who prophesied to an outside nation—Edom. The Edomites had come against the nation of Israel many times. Obadiah’s message from God made it clear that God would not allow them to do that forever. Edom was condemned before the Lord and would be destroyed. God would punish Edom and restore the land to His people again one day.

About God: God is fair to punish all sinners. His punishment is just and strict. Yet, He will be faithful to His promise of a future kingdom where He will one day reign.

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