Minor Prophets—Old Testament

on October 21, 2016
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Author: Nahum

When It Happened: 664–654 BC

Chapters: 3

Key People: Nahum, People of Nineveh, Assyrians

Summary: God spared Nineveh when they repented in the days of Jonah. However, within 100 years, Nineveh had once again become a wicked and evil city. The Assyrians were fiercely conquering the nations around them. God sent Nahum to tell the wicked Assyrians that they would be destroyed because of their cruelty, sin, and idolatry. That would soon come to pass through the Babylonians who would wipe out the Assyrians. God’s judgment would be accomplished.

About God: God is slow to anger. But He is a jealous God and will eventually defend His honor and His people for His name’s sake and for His glory.

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