Minor Prophets—Old Testament

on October 17, 2016
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Author: Micah

When It Happened: 759–710 BC

Chapters: 7

Key People: Micah, People of Samaria and Jerusalem

Summary: The prophet Micah told the people that God’s judgment would come because of their idolatry, false teachers, and mistreatment of the poor. As Micah was warning the people, the city of Samaria fell to the Assyrians. God’s people were taken captive and the land destroyed.

But all was not lost. God gave Micah a message of hope for the people. A light would shine brightly into the future—and there would be a time that the people of God would walk in light forever through the promised Messiah.

About God: God is gracious and merciful toward sinners. He has always had a great plan to redeem and restore sinful people to Himself through the Messiah, Jesus.

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