A Book of Law—Old Testament

on July 4, 2016
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Author: Moses

When It Happened: 1490 BC

Chapters: 27

Key People: Moses, Aaron

Summary: Leviticus is a book about God’s laws to His people. The Jews were sinful and often strayed toward false gods and idolatry. God is holy and hates all sin. These laws would guide the people in their relationship with God.

God told the people they must kill animals as sacrifices. The people sacrificed these animals so God would forgive their disobedience. The Book of Leviticus points to Jesus and explains why He had to die on the Cross. A perfect sacrifice had to be offered for forgiveness of sins. Jesus is that perfect sacrifice.

About God: God is holy and hates sin. But He is merciful and provided a Savior who offers forgiveness to everyone who believes.

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