Major Prophets—Old Testament

on September 16, 2016
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Author: Jeremiah

When It Happened: 630–562 BC

Chapters: 52

Key People: Jeremiah, Kings of Judah

Summary: God sent the prophet Jeremiah to the nation of Judah to warn them that their idolatry, backsliding, and disobedience would be judged by the holy God. The nation of Judah and the city of Jerusalem would be wiped out, and the people would be taken into captivity! But the kings of Judah would not listen. They continued in their wickedness. And God’s destruction came upon them. However, in the midst of the devastation, God promised that He would restore His people to the land one day.

About God: God hates sin and will punish it if sinners do not repent and turn to Him in faith.

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