Major Prophets—Old Testament

on September 26, 2016
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Author: Daniel

When It Happened: 607–530 BC

Chapters: 12

Key People: Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar

Summary: Daniel was exiled to Babylon along with his friends. God blessed him, and he was moved into King Nebuchadnezzar’s service. There he was given opportunities to exalt God through his knowledge, wisdom, and ability to interpret dreams. Later, Daniel and his friends would boldly stand for God in the face of serious trouble. And through several trials, including a fiery furnace and the lion’s den, God showed that He alone is the Protector and Provider to those who love and serve Him. This book also tells of Daniel’s prophecies and visions.

About God: God is sovereign over all history, rulers, kings, and nations. All of history is moving toward the day when the King of kings will finally reign.

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