Creation Evangelism

What Is Creation Evangelism?

Evangelism in a Pagan World

The Lord has raised up creation ministries worldwide so that all necessary methods for evangelizing our society will be available. The Lord has provided us with a phenomenally powerful tool that must be used today—creation evangelism. The main reason, we believe, that the Church is so relatively ineffective is a direct result of not evangelizing correctly. The Church is proclaiming the message of the Cross and Christ, but it is not as effective as it used to be.

Creation Evangelism (Part II of Relevance of Creation)

Why has the Lord raised up Creation Science ministries worldwide? Why is it necessary to have such organizations? One thing we have come to realise in Creation Science is that the Lord has not just called us to knock down evolution, but to help in restoring the foundation of the gospel in our society. We believe that if the churches took up the tool of Creation Evangelism in society, not only would we see a stemming of the tide of humanistic philosophy, but we would also see the seeds of revival sown in a culture which is becoming increasingly more pagan each day.

Acts 17 Evangelism

I met a group of disillusioned American missionaries during my recent trip to England. After years of attempting evangelistic outreaches and trying to start churches, they had concluded they needed to pull out.

Why? They explained to me how hard it was to get most people in England to even listen to the Christian message. England was, for them, a ‘lost cause.’

At the same time, after speaking to packed auditoriums in England and Wales, I heard numerous testimonies of people who had committed their lives to the Lord—or Christians whose faith was ‘kick-started’—as a result of God using AiG ministry.

Creation Evangelism and the Great Commission

Did you know that an increasing number of missions organizations, including New Tribes Mission, are using creation evangelism to reach pagan cultures with the gospel?

Reaching the Culture

Creation Evangelism and the Great Commission

Working with the pastors, we devised a series of lessons that showed the students that evolution was just a belief—there weren’t any ape-men—evolutionists had not proved the earth was billions of years old—there were major problems with their theories about the origin of the solar system.

When the pastors presented these lessons—they were astonished. The students sat up and listened. They were extremely interested—and they had lots of questions. ‘What about carbon dating, then? Where do dinosaurs fit in? Why don’t our teachers tell us this information?’

Creation Evangelism—From A to Z

Creation evangelism—using the biblical account of creation to spread the gospel—is not just for pastors and evangelists; it’s for everyone, old and young alike. Perhaps you might want to try one of these ideas to reach people with the truth of God’s Word from the very first verse.


A Testimony by ‘Joel Galvin’

Growing up in a Christian home, attending church regularly, and receiving Christian education my whole life served to make me an agnostic who was pretty knowledgeable of the Christian faith. Christianity seemed to be a hoax of some nature. I couldn’t understand the motive for dreaming it up, but it certainly didn’t appear to carry much truth with it. Seeing that atheism is a strong belief in the non-existence of any gods at all, I knew that atheism required more faith than I had. I didn’t want to accept atheism out of laziness, and so, agnosticism would do for me until I found more answers.

Testimony of a Professional Geologist

I will never forget my first day in geology class. The professor mentioned the Bible, which somehow immediately got my attention; he then proceeded to explain that Bishop Ussher (this was the first time I ever heard of him) looked in the Bible and found out that the earth was created in 4004 BC. The geology professor then said: “We now know that the earth is much older than 6,000 years; that it is really approximately 4 to 5 billion years old.” Everyone agreed, including me—all in the class already “knew” that the earth was millions of years old, because we had been prepped by the dinosaur stories from childhood.

Saved! Using Creation Evangelism

Terry’s way of thinking expressed here is typical of so many people in our society. He did have a vague impression that there could be a God, but had no idea who this God really was. Even though Terry also believed that a Creator was responsible for the existence of this world, he also never correlated the contradiction between this and the evolutionary teaching he had received all through his life. He had never understood that there was a perfect creation and then devastation because of sin (as outlined in Genesis). He had no understanding of a righteous God who had to judge because of sin.