Letter—New Testament

on January 27, 2017
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Author: Peter

Date Written: AD 63

Chapters: 5

Key People: Peter, dispersed and persecuted Christians

Summary: The Apostle Peter wrote this letter to Christians who were experiencing great suffering and persecution. Peter told them that they were not to be surprised at the fiery trials that were testing them. Instead, they were to follow the example of Jesus Christ, who did not revile or threaten His attackers. Peter wrote that they were to endure, persevere, and rejoice in persecution, ridicule, suffering, and even death as they shared in their Lord’s sorrow. To motivate them to joy in suffering, Peter reminded them of the hope, grace, and promise of the eternal inheritance that is kept in heaven for all believers through the Lord Jesus Christ.

About Jesus: Jesus Christ suffered for us, leaving us an example so that we might follow in His steps and rejoice in suffering for His name’s sake.

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