Letter—New Testament

on December 26, 2016
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Author: Paul

Date Written: AD 51

Chapters: 5

Key People: Paul, Timothy, Church at Thessalonica

Summary: This letter was written to the church at Thessalonica. The believers there were young in their faith, and Paul wrote to encourage them to persevere in the gospel and continue to live a life pleasing to God. There were misunderstandings in the church about Jesus’ return—when it would occur and what would happen. Many thought Jesus was going to return immediately. They thought that believers who had died had missed Jesus’ return and would not witness it. Paul assured them that when the Lord returns, the dead who are in Christ will rise first to join Him. And those believers who are still alive will then join with Christ in the air.

About Jesus: Hope for everlasting life comes through Jesus Christ who died for us. All believers will one day live together with Him.

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