Letter—New Testament

on December 5, 2016
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Author: Paul

Date Written: AD 55

Chapters: 16

Key People: Paul, Church at Corinth

Summary: The city of Corinth had become extremely sinful. The church there was struggling to separate themselves from the sins and worldliness they saw around them every day. They were divided on many issues. And they were not committed to Jesus Christ and relying on Him alone as their foundation. They were full of pride, arrogance, and sin. Paul’s letter confronted their sin, and he urged them to return to Christ-centered, blameless, holy, and loving fellowship with each other. Paul wrote this letter to remind the church of God’s holiness and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

About Jesus: The truth of the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ—the gospel—will give the church strength to defeat sin and the love needed to remain united.

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