Does the Big Bang Make Sense?

by Bodie Hodge on August 4, 2021

When evolutionists say that the universe was created by a spinning cloud of gas and dust (nebula), how do they not wonder where the nebula came from?

I think I understand your question here. Let me clarify something though. The evolutionists try to say the solar system was made by a nebula, not the universe. They call this nebular hypothesis. They say a spinning gas cloud condensed and made the planets.

Remember though that no one has ever observed or repeated this alleged nebula forming into planets. So it is isn’t science. Science has to be observable or repeatable. Also, this violates a gas law of science where gases expand in space and do not contract and form into planets. Also, why is Venus and Uranus spinning the wrong direction then? Venus and Uranus should spin the same way the other planets do if they formed from this spinning disk. These are big problems in the evolutionary view.

The universe according to atheistic evolutionists (they do not believe in God), came from nothing. They say that time did not exist. Then something popped into existence from nothing, including time, and rapidly expanded into what we have today over long ages. They call this “big bang” or “cosmological evolution”. It is inconsistent with several laws of science like the first and second laws of thermodynamics—I am sure you will learn about these laws as you continue in your schooling.

Again no one has observed this or repeated this big bang, so it is not science; it is part of a religious viewpoint called secular humanism (which includes the religion of atheism). Be praying for atheists to realize the truth of God’s Word in Genesis. It is not a problem for an all-powerful God to create everything in 6 days just like he said he did.

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