It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . . Mars?

on November 12, 2008

The Phoenix Mars Lander has been faithfully sending back pictures and information to the earth for scientists to study. Mars is now entering its cold winter period. Phoenix has a laser that it points to the sky, and it is showing that ice crystals are in the air. So far the snow is not landing on the ground, but scientists are hopeful it eventually will.

Finding snow and water on the surface of Mars is very important to evolutionists, who continue to be convinced that once they discover water on Mars, they will also discover signs of life.

The Bible tells us that God separated the waters on Day 2 of Creation Week. We know there was no life in it until perhaps Day 3, when plants were created, or Day 5, when sea creatures and birds were created. The only reason water contains living creatures is because God put them there.

Phoenix will have a hard time now that Martian winter is here. The solar batteries receive less and less sun and it takes more energy to heat its systems. By next year the temperature on Mars will be -184˚F. Phoenix will freeze and crack, and will not work again when winter is over. Even a machine can’t survive long on Mars!