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Enhance your zoo visit with the AiG Zoo Guide, and help your children remember what they learned with these free AiG supplemental materials. Activities are broken up by age group. Just click and print!.)

Zoo Guide cover

Make your next visit to the zoo more than just fun—make it factual and fascinating too! You could even start a personal “creation zoo tours” ministry. Featuring more than 100 animals, our long-awaited Zoo Guide includes beautiful pictures and explores the amazing facts and design features that point to our awesome Creator. Excellent gift for anyone who loves animals!

Ages 4–6

Ages 7–10

Ages 11–14

Other ideas

  • For ages 4–6: Make animals out of Play-dough®.
  • For ages 7–10: Play charades with your parents using animals from the Zoo Guide.
  • For ages 11–14: Compare the Zoo Guide: A Bible-Based Handbook to the Zoo to evolutionary animal books and/or zoo pamphlets.
  • For all ages: Keep track of animals you see at the zoo using the animal checklist (PDF).