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Where Can Fossils Be Found?

by Dr. Steve and Ruth Carter on June 20, 2017
Where Do We Find Them?

Most fossils are found in sedimentary rocks (rocks laid down by water), such as limestone, mudstone (or shale), and sandstone. Common places to hunt for fossils are in stream beds, quarries, and on the walls of cliffs and road cuts. And you can hunt for these hidden treasures all over this world. Fossils are found on tall mountains. Fossils are found at the seashore. Fossils are found inland where there is no water present at all. But this is exactly what you would expect if there was a water catastrophe that covered the whole world at one time.

Stream Bed

Photo credit: T. F. Marsh

A stream bed in northern Kentucky that produces many marine fossils.

Calvert Cliffs

Photo credit: Kezee

Calvert Cliffs State Park, MD.

There’s a lot more to fossils
than first meets the eye.
You can rub them and feel
them to see what did die.
Then remember the meaning
behind bone and rock,

That in God’s perfect
creation sin soon ran amok.
But because of His mercy
we are still here today,
And we can use fossils to
tell others that
Jesus is the way.

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