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Creation, Corruption, and Catastrophe

by Dr. Steve and Ruth Carter on June 20, 2017


Let’s go back to the beginning
when the world was very good.
A catastrophe, a disaster
was the last thing that could
Have happened in a perfect place
where Adam and Eve stood.

Adam and Eve


But Satan thought he could spoil the human race.
He questioned God’s words as he spoke face to face
With perfect Adam and perfect Eve,
and they chose to disobey.
And all of world history took a new turn that day.


It was called sin, this disobeying of God,
And from that time onward,
though you might think it odd,
Each person was born with a heart against God.
The evil spread in the next generations
until the Lord was sorry He had ever made them.

Cain and Abel


And so, the catastrophe, that’s when it happened,
A disaster meant to judge the evil of sin.
A flood to drown every air-breathing land creature,
So God could begin a new world again.
I ask you to imagine the results of such a flood?
Could this explain the death, the burial, the mud?


What does the Bible say a year-long, worldwide flood was like?

First of all, we know there was a lot of water. We read that the fountains of the great deep broke open and gushed water out for 150 days. On top of that, the Bible tells us rain fell in mighty torrents from the sky for forty days and forty nights. The water covered over the land until it stood more than 22 feet above the highest mountain peaks.

Can’t you just picture it?

Deep, powerful, rushing water uprooted growing things, tore up the land, pushed along tons and tons of sediment, drowned all the land animals that needed air to breathe, and quickly buried creatures and plants under vast amounts of sediment. The conditions were perfect to form billions and billions of fossils.

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