by Ruth Carter on June 23, 2017

An ape-man is an imaginary being that shares features of an ape-like creature and a human being. It is not completely an ape; it is not completely a human. It is somewhere in between. For evolution believers, an ape-man makes complete sense. There must be intermediate creatures that eventually linked apes to humans. To try to prove that this really did happen, paleontologists (scientists who study fossils) are always on the lookout for bones of ape-men in the fossil record. Some scientists say they have found bones from these “missing links.”

Let’s look at the stories of some of the most famous supposed ancestors of humans.


I Really, Really, Really Want to Learn About Ape-Men

This book teaches kids about different types of neanderthals, the differences between ape-men and humans, and how God created man. All from a biblical perspective!

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