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by Dr. Steve and Ruth Carter on June 26, 2017

As we come to the close
Of an interesting look
At the world’s greatest storm
From the world’s greatest book,

Two lessons emerge
For our minds to consider:
One is sad news, and one
is so much better!

The Sad News

Did you understand the message that
God really does hate sin?
Do you remember that every one of
us is a sinner from within?

Did you see that sin has a penalty,
A punishment, severe and sure?
That punishment is forever death,
By ourselves there is no cure.


The Glad News

But the good news is that God is love!
He gives us a fresh start.
And just as the Ark saved people from the Flood
So Jesus saves a sin-filled heart.

The Ark had one door. There was only one way
To escape God’s punishment for sin.
Jesus is our door. He is the only way
For our heart to be clean and forgiven.

That is the hopeful, awesome,
marvelous, incredible,
life-changing message from
the worldwide Flood of Noah!

By the way, I really, really, really learned a lot about Noah. Did you?

Glad I Learned

I Really, Really, Really Want Answers About Noah!

Many children's books portray the Flood and Noah as a fairy tale. That's not true! This book teaches about this all from a biblical perspective!

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