by Ruth Carter on June 26, 2017

Noah in his study displayed in the Ark Encounter

Sometime after Noah turned 500 years old, God called him. We know that Noah lived a total of 950 years, so this was just halfway through his lifetime. Noah was a father of three sons. He was probably a strong and very intelligent man. The Bible says “Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations.” It says he “walked with God.” The New Testament calls Noah a “preacher of righteousness.” I think he was a good choice for the assignment God was about to give him, don’t you?

The purpose was clear.
The person was ready.
God next shared His plan,
That would be so vast and deadly.

I Really, Really, Really Want Answers About Noah!

Many children's books portray the Flood and Noah as a fairy tale. That's not true! This book teaches about this all from a biblical perspective!

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