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by Dr. Steve and Ruth Carter on June 26, 2017

There have been many attempts to find Noah’s Ark, but none have been successful. Eastern Turkey is a difficult place to explore. It is likely that the Ark no longer exists. It could have been destroyed due to harsh weather or activity from volcanoes that were present after the Flood. Noah and his family may have used the wood to build their homes when they got off the Ark. These are just guesses. No one really knows the answer.

Ahora Gorge

Photo by Dr. John Morris

The Ahora Gorge, deeper than Grand Canyon, swallows climbers.

Ahora Gorge

Photo by Dr. John Morris

The Ahora Gorge from 11,000 feet elevation.

Climbing Steep Ridge

Photo by Dr. John Morris

Climbing along a steep ridge line of loose glacial skree.

So we’ve talked about the purpose,
the person, and the plan,
The preparations, the
promise that God gave to man.

But wait, there is a problem
people talk about today.
They claim it didn’t happen
as the Bible does say.

They think the Flood was
small, a mere local event.
They don’t believe God’s written Word—
It’s their argument.

So what is your answer when friends
question the big Flood?
Can you show them that the whole world was covered
By all this rain and mud?

Read on for information that you can
share with your close friends.
The Bible is completely true.
The evidence never ends.

I Really, Really, Really Want Answers About Noah!

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