Day Five Drama

on February 1, 2017
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Characters: Alex, Scuba-Man (DAD), Snorkel-Boy, Turtle (MOM), Octopus, Great White.

Scene One

(Day 5 Recorded Opening)

(Scene begins with OCTOPUS sneaking out of the Scuba-Cave.)

OCTOPUS: (to GREAT WHITE who’s still in the cave) Looks like the coast is clear.

(Then GREAT WHITE emerges.)

GREAT WHITE: Now THAT was a thing of beauty! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.

OCTOPUS: What? You mean you didn’t know octopuses were famous escape artists? All it takes is a small hole and a little determination. You should have seen my 600-pound cousin . . . he squeezed through a tube the size of a quarter!


OCTOPUS: I’m just glad the Dopey Duo wasn’t aware of my capabilities. And we'd better get out of here before they come back.

THUG VOICE 3: [recorded] (from inside the cave) Hey, Boss . . . what about us?!

GREAT WHITE: Quiet, you ninnies! We’ll come back for you later!

OCTOPUS: What are you talking about? We’re not coming back here.

GREAT WHITE: I know that . . . and you know that. But they don’t need to know that. C’mon, let’s go.

(OCTOPUS and GREAT WHITE start to head toward the back of the auditorium. Then GREAT WHITE catches a glimpse of the Scuba-Sub parked nearby.)

GREAT WHITE: Hey, look over there.

OCTOPUS: The Scuba-Sub?

GREAT WHITE: Yeah . . . whaddya say we go in style?

OCTOPUS: I like the way you think. (They quickly walk over to the Scuba-Sub.)

GREAT WHITE: I’ll drive.

(They laugh as GREAT WHITE climbs into the driver’s seat, and OCTOPUS gets in back.)

GREAT WHITE: I wonder how you start it.

OCTOPUS: Try that. (as she points to a button on the dashboard)

(GREAT WHITE pushes the button and the Scuba-Sub starts [sfx].)

OCTOPUS: Excellent!

GREAT WHITE: (pretends to be an airline captain) Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard Scuba-Sub flight 1A bound for the Bahamas! Haha!

(They take off down the side aisle and out the back of the auditorium. Then SCUBA-MAN, SNORKEL-BOY, ALEX, and TURTLE emerge from TURTLE’S residence wearing party hats.)

SCUBA-MAN: Well, that was a wonderful meal.

SNORKEL-BOY: Yeah . . . thanks, Turtle.

(SCUBA-MAN and SNORKEL-BOY take off their party hats and hand them to TURTLE.)

TURTLE: Well, I’m glad you liked it. It’s the least I can do for our friendly neighborhood superheroes.

ALEX: And I love these things. (as she blows her party blower)

SCUBA-MAN: (as he looks toward the Scuba-Cave) Hmm . . . something looks different about the Scuba-Cave.

SNORKEL-BOY: You’re right, Scuba-Man.

TURTLE: It’s probably just the afternoon sunlight shining through.

SCUBA-MAN: No . . . it’s as if . . . as if something’s missing.

ALEX: Oh, that’s easy. The Scuba-Sub is gone.


(SCUBA-MAN immediately darts into the Scuba-Cave to check on the prisoners.)

SNORKEL-BOY: Blubbering Blowfish! She’s right!

SCUBA-MAN: (from inside the Scuba-Cave) They’re gone!

(SCUBA-MAN exits the Scuba-Cave.)

TURTLE: (troubled) Who’s gone??

SCUBA-MAN: Octopus and Great White.

TURTLE: (alarmed) So the shark is on the loose again?? All right. That’s my cue. Exit, stage left!

(TURTLE quickly exits.)

SNORKEL-BOY: How could they possibly have gotten out??

SCUBA-MAN: Octopuses are expert escape artists. I guess I underestimated her capability. Now, we can only hope that they’ve underestimated ours. Snorkel-Boy . . .

SNORKEL-BOY: Right! Back in a flash, Scuba-Man!

(SNORKEL-BOY dashes into the Scuba-Cave to get the Scuba-Sub Remote Controller.)

ALEX: What are you going to do?

SCUBA-MAN: We’ve equipped the Scuba-Sub with a remote control for just such an occasion as this.

ALEX: Cool! You guys think of everything!

(SNORKEL-BOY returns with the remote control device and hands it to SCUBA-MAN.)

SNORKEL-BOY: Our villains will soon find out that they’re not quite as clever as they thought.

SCUBA-MAN: (as he looks at the remote) Hmm . . . according to this, they’re not wearing their seatbelts.

SNORKEL-BOY: Another serious violation, Scuba-Man. They’re not making it any easier for themselves, are they?!

SCUBA-MAN: No, they’re not, Snorkel-Boy. Ok . . . here we go. Seatbelts engaged. (as he pushes a button [sfx]) Seatbelts locked. (as he pushes another button [sfx]) Autopilot on. (as he pushes a third button [sfx]) Now . . . time to reel them in. (as he pulls back on the remote like a fishing rod and a retrieval sound [sfx] is heard)

ALEX: (smiling) I wish I could see the look on their faces right now!

SNORKEL-BOY: I think I hear something!

(Then the Scuba-Sub, with OCTOPUS and GREAT WHITE secured inside, is heard [sfx] as it enters the rear of the auditorium and proceeds down a side aisle toward the stage. All the while, the VILLAINS are accusing each other and expressing frustration for not being able to control the vehicle.)

OCTOPUS: You’re going the wrong way! Turn around!

GREAT WHITE: I’m trying, but nothing’s happening!

OCTOPUS: What are you talking about?

GREAT WHITE: I can’t control it! It’s like it has a mind of its own!

OCTOPUS: That’s ridiculous!

GREAT WHITE: Oh yeah? Well, maybe you should’ve driven!

OCTOPUS: That’s for sure! I’m obviously a better driver than you!

GREAT WHITE: A better backseat driver, maybe!

OCTOPUS: Stop the sub right now! I’m getting out!

GREAT WHITE: I already told you! I can’t control it! (then sees the SUPERHEROES) Oh no! It’s the Super Duds! They must be doing this!

(Meanwhile, in all the loud commotion, TURTLE pokes her head out of the passageway leading from her residence. Then the Scuba-Sub arrives on stage and powers down [sfx].)

SCUBA-MAN: (with sarcasm) Welcome back. You know, if you wanted to take the Scuba-Sub for a test drive, you should have just asked.

GREAT WHITE: (to SCUBA-MAN) It was all her idea.



(SCUBA-MAN helps OCTOPUS and GREAT WHITE out of the Scuba-Sub.)

ALEX: Wait! (as she runs over to GREAT WHITE and hands him her Bible) Here . . . you’re going to have a lot of time to read . . . and there’s no better book than the Bible.

OCTOPUS: I thought I got rid of that!


SNORKEL-BOY: (to GREAT WHITE) Why don’t you give it a chance.

SCUBA-MAN: Okay . . . let’s go.

(SCUBA-MAN escorts the VILLAINS into the Scuba-Cave and SNORKEL-BOY follows behind. Then TURTLE slowly steps out of the passageway from her residence and tiptoes over toward ALEX while she keeps her eyes carefully fixed on the Scuba-Cave entrance.)

TURTLE: Boy, I hope that doesn’t happen again!

ALEX: I know, right? But, I’m sure it won’t. They’ll see to that.

TURTLE: Yeah . . . you’re probably right. (pause) Say, Alex, can I ask you a question? How would you like to be a member of the Ocean Land Welcome Committee?

ALEX: Who, me??

TURTLE: Yes! You’re just the kind of person we’re looking for . . . young, energetic, friendly . . . and we could sure use the help.

ALEX: Well . . . I don’t know. I mean . . . I really like Ocean Land, but . . . I think it’s about time for me to go home. I’m sure my family is wondering where I am . . . and besides, I’ve got a lot of homework to do.

TURTLE: (a little disappointed) I see.

(Then the SUPERHEROES emerge from the Scuba-Cave.)

SNORKEL-BOY: Well, they’re not getting out this time! No-siree, Bob! We’ve employed the Scuba-Cam Maximum Security Surveillance System with HD Micro-sensor Monitoring.

TURTLE: (relieved) Good . . . that makes me feel better!

SNORKEL-BOY: (excited as he holds up his smartphone) Yeah . . . and the new smartphone app allows us to track their every blink and brainwave no matter where we are. Don’t you just love technology?! (as he’s captivated by his smartphone)

(SCUBA-MAN clears his throat to get SNORKEL-BOY’S attention.)

SNORKEL-BOY: Oh . . . sorry. (as he puts his phone away)

SCUBA-MAN: Here’s another Bible, Alex. (as he hands her a Bible) That was a good thing you did . . . giving your Bible to Great White.

ALEX: Thanks.

SCUBA-MAN: So what’s going on? I’m sensing a change in the current.

TURTLE: Alex is leaving.

SNORKEL-BOY: Leaving? Why so soon?

ALEX: Well . . . I kinda miss my family . . . and I also have homework to do.

SCUBA-MAN: That’s very responsible of you, Alex.

ALEX: (then she realizes something) Yeah, but there’s just one problem . . . I don’t know how to get home!

SNORKEL-BOY: Well, that’s easy. There’s only one way . . . through “the door.”

ALEX: What door?

SCUBA-MAN: That door. (as he points to “the door”)

(As SCUBA-MAN points to “the door” [preferably the center aisle exit doors], they suddenly open and a bright light shines through the doorway while dramatic music [sfx] is heard.)

SNORKEL-BOY: It’s the only way.

ALEX: Wow . . .

SCUBA-MAN: And let that door be a reminder, Alex . . . that just as there was only one way to be saved from the Flood —and that was through the door into the Ark; likewise, there’s only one way to be saved and get to heaven — and that’s through “the Door,” Jesus Christ.

SNORKEL-BOY: Just like Jesus said, in John 10:9, “I AM THE DOOR; IF ANYONE ENTERS BY ME, HE SHALL BE SAVED . . . .”

TURTLE: That’s a message the whole world needs to hear.

ALEX: Thanks, I’ll remember that. (short pause) Well . . . I guess it’s time. You know, I’m really gonna miss you guys.

TURTLE: We’ll miss you, too, Alex.

ALEX: (as she reaches out to shake hands, she’s overcome with emotion and gives them all hugs) Good-bye Scuba-Man. Good-bye Snorkel-Boy. Good-bye Turtle.

(SUPERHEROES and TURTLE say good-bye; SNORKEL-BOY wipes tears from his eyes.)

TURTLE: Don’t forget us.

ALEX: I promise I won’t. (pause) Good-bye!

(Then ALEX walks toward the door and exits.)

SNORKEL-BOY: (encouraging) To Infinity and Beyond!

SCUBA-MAN: (softly to SNORKEL-BOY) Why do you always say that?

Scene Two

(QUICK SCENE CHANGE: As soon as ALEX exits through the door, TURTLE and the SUPERHEROES quickly exit the stage. Then the lights go down and dream music [sfx] and ethereal screen effects begin as stagehands re-assemble the living room piece-by-piece. Then ALEX, with her aquarium catalog, enters in a theatrical fashion as if dreaming. She “floats” and circles until she comes to rest on the floor in the same place and position that she was in when she fell asleep on Day 1. Soon, MOM and DAD come in to check on her.)

DAD: And then I asked them . . . if there really was a worldwide flood, what would the evidence be? Wouldn’t it be billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth? And, guess what . . . that’s exactly what we find . . . billions of dead things, buried in rock layers, laid down by water, all over the earth!

MOM: But they weren’t convinced?

DAD: Nope . . . and that’s my point. Because people don’t fear God and take Him seriously, they don’t take the Bible seriously, either.

MOM: And because they don’t take the Bible seriously, you get in trouble at work for talking about Noah’s Flood.

DAD: Right. Something they think is just a children’s story.

MOM: A worldwide catastrophe is anything but a children’s story. (then she notices that ALEX is asleep) Oh, look . . . she’s asleep.

DAD: I knew that was going to happen. Should we wake her up?

MOM: (with a smile) Unless you want to carry her upstairs. (then taps ALEX on the shoulder) Alex? Aaaaleeeex . . . c’mon, sweetheart. You need to get to bed.

ALEX: (waking up) Where am I? . . . Mom? Dad? What are you doing here?

DAD: Uh . . . we live here, sweetie.

MOM: And so do you.

ALEX: What? (looks around, gets excited) I’m home? . . . I’m home! It worked, I went through the door and made it home! (now fully awake, excited) Oh, Mom and Dad, I was in this amazing place called Ocean Land. It was at the bottom of the ocean.

MOM: Because of the aquarium catalog . . .

ALEX: What?

MOM: It’s because of the aquarium catalog you’ve been devouring tonight. That’s why you were dreaming about the ocean.

DAD: I told you so.

ALEX: Oh, no . . . you don’t understand . . . this was a real live place . . . and both of you were there! (short pause as she starts to doubt) At least it . . . seemed like a real place. You mean it was . . . just a dream?

MOM: Disappointed?

ALEX: Yeah . . . a little.

MOM: Sorry, sweetie.

ALEX: That’s okay. Hmm . . . you know, now that I think about it, it was kind of funny. (smiles) Mom, you were a turtle.

MOM: A turtle? I woulda thought maybe an angelfish!

DAD: (teasing, with a smile) Or a crab.

MOM: Hey!

DAD: (laughs) Just kidding.

MOM: What was dad?

DAD: Probably a starfish.

ALEX: No, actually, you were a superhero . . .

MOM: Oh, brother . . . we’re never going to hear the end of this!

DAD: Look! Up in the air! It’s a bird! It’s a . . .

(ALEX interrupts)

ALEX: No, Dad, not Superman. You were “Scuba-Man” . . . and Mr. Wayne was “Snorkel-Boy.”

DAD: Snorkel-Boy?? (laughs) Wayne will love that!

ALEX: And you know what else? This was really good. I sort of re-discovered the Bible while I was there . . .

DAD: (pleased) Really! That’s great sweetheart.

ALEX: Yeah . . . and so from now on, I’m going to take it a lot more seriously. (then remembers more of her dream) Oh, and when I wanted to get home, they said there was only one way and it was through this one special door . . . just like there’s only one way to be saved and get to heaven and that’s through Jesus.

MOM: Wow! That really was some dream!

DAD: I’ll say!

ALEX: I know . . . it was amazing. (then she yawns and stretches)

MOM: Well, c’mon . . . you'd better get ready for bed.

(ALEX gets up and then they all start to exit together.)

ALEX: (thinking) But . . . are you sure it was just a dream??

MOM: Yes, Alex. We’re sure.

(MOM, DAD, and ALEX exit the stage together. Then, as the lights start to go down, the voices of GREAT WHITE and OCTOPUS are heard from inside the Scuba-Cave.)

OCTOPUS: (with “echo” effect) Hey, is anybody out there? Scuba-Man? Snorkel-Boy? Where’d they go?

GREAT WHITE: (with “echo” effect) Yeah . . . can we get some room service, please? I’m getting hungry again.

OCTOPUS: (with “echo” effect) What do you mean, “again?” You’re always hungry!

(Theme Music)

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