Ocean Commotion Assembly Guide (Excerpt)

Ocean Commotion Assembly Guide (Excerpt)

Prepare for an adventure. as we dive into learning about Noah and the worldwide Flood of his day. As we explore the reason for that great watery commotion, we’ll uncover important life lessons from Noah, who alone found favor in the eyes of God. We’ll discover that, by God’s grace, Noah stood for God (even when it meant standing alone), obeyed God, trusted God, thanked God in everything, and feared God.


    • Day One Drama
      pp. 41–44

      Bruce and Wayne are warned at work to stop countering the misinformation about the Bible and science. Alex falls asleep and is transported to Ocean Land.

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    • Day Two Drama
      pp. 45–48

      Great White and Octopus attempt to deceive Alex. The superheros take her into protective custody, but Alex runs away! Who will find her first?

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    • Day Three Drama
      pp. 49–52

      Alex has trouble choosing good friends and discerning truth from lies, because she doesn't understand the value of God's Word. The superheros are captured and threatened with being thrown into the Abyss.

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    • Day Four Drama
      pp. 53–56

      Alex learns who her real friends are and decides to take the Bible seriously. But is it too late?

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    • Day Five Drama
      pp. 57–60

      Octopus and Great White decide to steal the Scuba-Sub. Will their escape plan work? Alex gives Great White a Bible.

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