Noah and the Great Flood

Noah and the Great Flood

How big was Noah’s Ark? How big was the Flood of Noah’s day? Is there evidence of the Flood? Who was Noah, anyway? Find out the answers to these questions about the biblical account of Noah given in Genesis 6–9!


    • pp. 2–3

      About 4,300 years ago, there lived a man named Noah.

    • pp. 4–5

      Only the one true God of the Bible has always existed and always tells the truth

    • pp. 6–7

      According to the Bible, people weren’t always as sinful as they were during Noah’s time.

    • pp. 8–9

      With God’s help, only Noah was willing to stand for God when everyone else denied Him.

    • pp. 10–11

      With God’s help, Noah obeyed his Creator and began to build the Ark.

    • pp. 12–13

      The Ark had the same proportions as modern cargo ships.

    • pp. 14–15

      God brought land-dwelling, air-breathing creatures and birds to the Ark.

    • pp. 16–17

      Sadly, every person who wasn’t on the Ark died in the Flood.

    • pp. 18–19

      Just as Noah trusted God to save him by entering the Ark, we can trust Jesus to save us.

    • pp. 20–21

      According to the Bible, the waters of the Flood covered every part of the earth and prevailed for 150 days.

    • pp. 22–25

      Some people suggest that fossil formation requires a long time, but scientific observations have shown that fossils don’t take long to form.

    • pp. 26–27

      Many of the large, earth-covering rock layers we find today were laid down during the Flood of Noah’s day.

    • pp. 28–29

      Noah built an altar and thanked God for providing salvation from the floodwaters.

    • pp. 30–31

      We can see glimpses of the true Biblical Flood account found in the many flood legends from around the world.

    • p. 32

      Noah took God seriously; he feared God.