Marvels of Creation: Magnificent Mammals

Marvels of Creation: Magnificent Mammals

Brings the world of wild creatures alive in a unique and colorful way with photographs, pages of facts and commentaries.


    • American Bison

      Also known as the buffalo, millions of American bison once roamed across the American plains.

    • Cheetah

      Streamlined and designed to run, the cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world.

    • Black Rhinoceros

      The black rhinoceros is noted for being ill-tempered and very aggressive, often charging for no apparent reason.

    • Beaver

      “Busy as a beaver” is a term nearly everyone has heard.

    • The echidna, also known as the spiny anteater, is native to Australia, Tasmania, and southern New Guinea.

    • Elephant

      The elephant is the largest living land mammal in the world.

    • Introduction: Part One

      It seems that no matter what book about wildlife we read, God isn’t even mentioned. Wildlife programs are full of indoctrination in evolution.

    • Introduction: Part Two

      The complexities of life and the design implied therein are strong monuments to a Creator and the Genesis account of creation.

    • Introduction: Part Three

      Even without transitional forms, evolutionists explain that some animals look similar because they must be related and have a common ancestor.

    • Fruit Bat

      The fruit bat, also known as the “flying fox,” is one of the largest bats in the world.

    • Anteater

      The giant anteater with its long, pointed nose is easy to identify.

    • Panda

      The giant panda is a very beautiful and rare animal.

    • Giraffe

      The giraffe is the tallest of all land animals.

    • Gorilla

      Undiscovered by Europeans until the 19th century, the gorilla is the largest member of the apes.

    • Grizzly Bear

      No animal in North America is more respected, feared, or more dangerous than the grizzly bear.

    • Koala

      Often called a bear, the koala is, in fact, a marsupial with a backward-facing pouch.

    • Leopards

      Leopards can jump the highest and the farthest of the terrestrial land mammals.

    • Known as the “king of the jungle,” the lion is a symbol of strength and is mentioned in the Bible at least 154 times.

    • Moose

      The moose is the largest member of the deer family.

    • One of the strangest animals that God created was the platypus.

    • Polar Bears

      Largest of all the bear species, the beautiful polar bear is the king of the bears.

    • Porcupine

      Over 25,000 sharp pointed quills cover the porcupine’s body.

    • Pronghorn Antelope

      Designed to run, the pronghorn is the fastest animal in North America.

    • Raccoon

      The raccoon is one of the most easily recognized wild mammals in North America.

    • Red Kangaroo

      The red kangaroo is the largest marsupial.

    • Striped Skunk

      Skunks are mostly known for their horrible odor.

    • Two-Toed Sloth

      The two-toed sloth is one of the strangest mammals in the world.

    • Tiger

      The tiger is one of the largest of the big cats.

    • Wolverine

      The wolverine is the largest member of the weasel family.

    • Wombat

      The wombat is a large, sturdy marsupial that lives in Australia.

    • Zebra

      The zebra is a wild horse and lives in East Africa.