Laws of God Science Cards

Laws of God Science Cards

These special kid-friendly cards describe five of the many scientific findings (“natural laws”) that can only result from the one true God of the Bible!


    • pp. 1–2

      Living things do not come from nonliving matter on their own.

    • pp. 3–4

      Johannes Kepler believed the God of the Bible created everything in an orderly way and that His creation reflected His wisdom.

    • pp. 5–6

      The laws of mathematics came from the God of the Bible and reflect His thoughts.

    • pp. 7–8

      Ever dropped a ball and watched it float up into the sky? No? That’s because the law of gravity is always at work no matter where you are.

    • pp. 9–10

      Have you ever seen a chicken that is also a lion? Of course not!