on December 1, 2016
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Characters: Jess Turner, Casey McDonald, Chancellor Max Devlin, Inspector Noclue, Flora Potts, Police Commissioner Alex Franklin, Baeloch

(Theme music)

(It’s early in the morning as CASEY, disguised as the CHANCELLOR with a trench coat and fedora [pretending to use a full head latex mask and voice changer], is seated at a table in front of the pastry café. She’s holding a newspaper in front of her face to hide her identity [from the audience]. She’s awaiting the arrival of BAELOCH to discuss the progress of their plan. CASEY’S intent is to trap BAELOCH and have him arrested. Soon, Villain Music [sfx] is heard as BAELOCH appears. [To achieve the desired effect, the person playing the Chancellor will be reading Casey’s lines from back stage.])

BAELOCH: (slightly suspicious) Hello . . . Max. You’re not usually early to our meetings.

CASEY (Chancellor’s voice): Well . . . it’s a big day for me, and I’ve got a lot to do. Besides . . . it’s rude to keep people waiting, don’t you think?

BAELOCH: (staring at CASEY) Perhaps . . . .

CASEY (Chancellor’s voice): Why are you looking at me like that?

BAELOCH: I don’t know. Something seems different about you. There’s nothing wrong is there? Something I should know?

CASEY (Chancellor’s voice): No . . . I just don’t want to be seen by anybody.

BAELOCH: (satisfied) Well, relax . . . soon you’ll be Dictator and won’t have to pretend anymore. So . . . is the document ready?

CASEY (Chancellor’s voice): The new Constitution? Yes . . . it’s ready. Just finished it late last night.

BAELOCH: Excellent. The takeover of International City will soon be complete. (evil snicker) Everything has worked out precisely as planned. (suddenly becomes angry) Everything . . . except for the incident with the statue.

CASEY (Chancellor’s voice): I know . . . that was disappointing. But . . . I must say . . . your Francois Parfait masquerade was excellent. And that French accent—superb!

BAELOCH: (impatient) Never mind about Parfait. Have you located it yet?

CASEY (Chancellor’s voice): No . . . our investigation just started.

BAELOCH: (cynical) Investigation . . . ha! C’mon . . . you know that pathetic inspector of yours will never find it. (becomes threatening) I want that statue, Max . . . and I want it now!

CASEY (Chancellor’s voice): Why is it so important?

BAELOCH: (puzzled) You know very well why it’s important! What’s wrong with you?!

CASEY (Chancellor’s voice): Nothing’s wrong. I just think it’ll send the wrong message, that’s all. I’m supposed to serve the people, not rule over them.

BAELOCH: (becomes suspicious again) Maaaax . . . I don’t like what I’m hearing.

CASEY (Chancellor’s voice): Well . . . guess what . . . (then changes to CASEY’S voice) . . . you’re not going to like what you SEE either! (as she drops the newspaper while pretending to pull off her “Chancellor” mask, revealing her true identity)

(Immediately, JESS emerges and apprehends BAELOCH, handcuffing him.)

BAELOCH: (horrified) What is this?! The Truth Force?! How dare you!

CASEY: (to JESS) Take him away (as she removes her trench coat).

JESS: Gladly!

BAELOCH: You’ll pay for this!

CASEY: No, Baeloch . . . it’s you who’ll be paying . . . and for a long, long time. Have a nice day! (to herself) One down . . . one to go.

(JESS leads BAELOCH off stage while CASEY hides in anticipation of the CHANCELLOR’S arrival. Then the CHANCELLOR enters and proceeds to the rendezvous point.)

CHANCELLOR: (impatient, looks at his watch, talks to himself) Where is he? He’s never late.

(CASEY steps out of hiding near the CHANCELLOR.)

CASEY: Waiting for someone?


CASEY: (half staring at the CHANCELLOR) Hmmm . . .

CHANCELLOR: (annoyed) Can I help you with something?

CASEY: Oh . . . it’s just that . . . well . . . you look awfully familiar.

CHANCELLOR: (not wanting to be recognized) Oh . . . I’m sure it’s just a coincidence . . . I’m . . . not from around here.

CASEY: Really . . . because the resemblance is amazing.

CHANCELLOR: (annoyed) You know . . . I hate to be rude, but I’d really appreciate it if you’d mind your own business.

CASEY: He’s not coming, you know.

CHANCELLOR: (suddenly confused) What? Who’s not coming?

CASEY: Baeloch.

CHANCELLOR: (alarmed) How do you know that name? (JESS emerges.)

CHANCELLOR: What’s going on? Who are you people??

JESS: We’re the Truth Force.


JESS: The Truth Force . . . and we’re here to save International City.

CHANCELLOR: (pretending innocence) Save International City from what?

CASEY: From creeps like you, Mr. Devlin!!


COMMISSIONER FRANKLIN: Max Devlin . . . you are under arrest for conspiracy and intent to commit treason.

CHANCELLOR: What?! This is outrageous! You don’t have anything on me! Where’s my lawyer!


(INSPECTOR emerges and immediately salutes the COMMISSIONER.)

INSPECTOR: Yes, Commissioner?

CHANCELLOR: (becomes enraged) NOCLUE!!!! I’m going to get you!!

(The CHANCELLOR tries to attack the INSPECTOR, but JESS quickly grabs ahold of him.)

JESS: It’s okay. I’ve got him.

CHANCELLOR: (as he struggles) Let go of me!!

COMMISSIONER FRANKLIN: Mr. Devlin . . . control yourself!

(FLORA emerges from the flower shop and stands watching from a distance.)

INSPECTOR: (to CHANCELLOR) Oh, Monsieur Chancellor! I must apologize about last night. If I had known it was you that I was punching and kicking, I would have stopped immediately. You really should have said something.

CHANCELLOR: How could I, you numbskull! You taped my mouth shut!

INSPECTOR: Oh, yeah . . . sorry about that.

COMMISSIONER FRANKLIN: Inspector, I would like you to handcuff Mr. Devlin. Then take him down to the station and book him.

INSPECTOR: Ha! That’s funny! I thought you said, Mr. Devlin!


INSPECTOR: (confused) What?! Monsieur Chancellor?

CHANCELLOR: (to INSPECTOR) Don’t you touch me, Noclue!

COMMISSIONER FRANKLIN: The FORMER Monsieur Chancellor. (pause) I’m sorry to report that this person who was elected to serve the people of International City has, instead, been involved in a wicked scheme to enslave them.

CHANCELLOR: And it would’ve worked too, if it wasn’t for the Truth Force!!


(The INSPECTOR reluctantly pulls out his handcuffs, then walks behind the CHANCELLOR.)

INSPECTOR: (to the CHANCELLOR while he handcuffs him) Former Monsieur Chancellor . . . I take no pleasure in handcuffing you . . . but, as an officer of the law, I must do my duty. It is a pity that I will no longer be able to serve you.

CHANCELLOR: It’s not a pity, Noclue . . . IT’S A RELIEF!!

(JESS continues to hold the CHANCELLOR, as the INSPECTOR steps away and quickly realizes that he accidently handcuffed himself.)


CHANCELLOR: (shaking his head) Incompetent.

(The COMMISSIONER rolls his eyes and quickly helps the INSPECTOR uncuff himself. Then the INSPECTOR handcuffs the CHANCELLOR successfully and leads him away.)

CHANCELLOR: You’ll pay for this!

JESS: Why do the bad guys always say that? (pause) Well, sir . . . (as he takes the tube that’s been strapped to his back and hands it to the COMMISSIONER) . . . here’s the document I told you about. I present to you . . . the only remaining original of International City’s Constitution.

COMMISSIONER FRANKLIN: And we thought they were all lost in the fire. (as he pulls the document part way out of the tube and then pushes it back in) You know, I’ve been suspicious of the Chancellor for quite a while, but I couldn’t find any hard evidence. Then, thanks to you, we were able to listen in on their meeting last night, and that was all the proof we needed. I don’t know how to thank you for what you’ve done. You’ve saved International City from an evil plot that’s been in the works for a long, long time.

JESS: Sir . . . let it be known that God saved International City. He’s the One who deserves the glory. We were simply carrying out our mission.

COMMISSIONER FRANKLIN: Then, to God be the glory! And may we be better stewards of the freedom He’s given to us. (pause) So . . . where will you go next?

JESS: Well, sir . . . there’s a war of worldviews raging everywhere . . . so all I can tell you is that wherever Truth and the knowledge of the one true God is under attack . . . that’s where you’ll find us.

COMMISSIONER FRANKLIN: Well . . . in that case . . . I hope you never have to come this way again. But, if you’re ever looking for a vacation spot . . . you’re always welcome in International City.

JESS: Thank you, sir.

(The COMMISSIONER shakes their hands and exits the stage. Then FLORA walks over to where JESS and CASEY are standing.)

FLORA: Well, I declare . . . that sure was somethin’!

JESS: It has been a busy morning, hasn’t it.

FLORA: All right, now, I’ve waited long enough . . . tell me how on earth ya’ll found the document!

CASEY: Oh, it’s cool, Flora . . . you’re going to love this. You see . . . what broke the case wide open was when the computer revealed that Mr. Kenton’s first name wasn’t “Moses.”

FLORA: I thought that sounded funny.

CASEY: In fact, the name “Moses” didn’t show up anywhere in his genealogy. So, then we realized there was more to the riddle than we first thought.

JESS: So we started to analyze the arrangement of the words. If you remember the riddle (uses his hands to put the words in their proper places), “Moses Kenton . . . and the archive . . . where the walls meet 305 (“three-zero-five”).” Then the computer did a strange thing. It paired “Moses” with “305” and did the same thing with “Kenton” and “corner.”

FLORA: “Corner?” But that’s not in the riddle, sweetheart.

JESS: That’s what we thought, but then . . . where do two walls meet?

FLORA: (thinking) Ha! . . . in the corner! (then understands) And hey! “Kenton” and “corner” do go together! Mr. Kenton built the flower shop and it’s on the corner! (pause) Wait . . . you mean that Constitution has been right under our noses the whole time?

JESS: Hold on . . . we’re not quite there yet.

CASEY: Okay . . . so, at this point, we’re thinking that the document . . . or “the archive” as Simon called it . . . is somehow connected to the flower shop . . . but where?

JESS: Now to “Moses” and “305.”

CASEY: Right . . . so what do we know about Moses? He wrote the first 5 books of the Old Testament, right? Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Maybe that’s what the “5” refers to.

JESS: Or what if you numbered those books . . . Genesis is one, Exodus is two, Leviticus is THREE, and Deuteronomy is FIVE . . . which one is missing?

(JESS walks over to where the address stone is on the flower shop.)

FLORA: Well that’s easy! Numbers!

CASEY: Bingo!

JESS: So that’s when we came and asked permission to remove your address stone. We suspected that Simon may have hidden the document behind the “numbers.” (as he moves the address stone to reveal a cavity)

FLORA: Well, shut my mouth! So it WAS right here all the time!


FLORA: Wow . . . I can’t BELIEVE y’all figured that out! Ya’ll are goooood!

(Then a Cell Phone Ring [sfx] is heard. It’s the ISA Commander calling JESS to congratulate the team. JESS steps away from the others to take the call. While he’s speaking with the Commander, the attention of CASEY and FLORA shifts to the monument.)

JESS: (answering his phone) Hello, sir . . . well, thank you . . . yes . . . yes, it was close but, God gave us success . . . (pause) . . . that’s correct, we got Baeloch. (pause) Yes, sir . . . I’ll have the file ready for you as soon as I arrive. (pause) Okay, I will. Thank you, sir.

FLORA: (looking over at the monument base) I wonder what they’ll end up doing with the monument . . . what’s left of it, that is.

CASEY: Well, one thing’s for sure . . . they’ll stop searching for the missing statue!

FLORA: (laughs) Yeah . . . we need a statue of Max Devlin like we need a hole in the head! (JESS rejoins the group.)

JESS: Well, I guess our work is finished here.

(CASEY’S attention is fixated on the monument base. She’s thinking to herself.)

JESS: (notices CASEY deep in thought) Case? . . . What are you thinkin’?

CASEY: (as she picks up a piece of the monument that had fallen off) Jess . . . can you climb up there? (referring to the monument base)

JESS: Sure . . . but why?

CASEY: I just . . . I don’t know . . . I’ve got an idea.

FLORA: Just be careful.

(As JESS climbs up onto the monument base, CASEY removes a matching piece from the face of the monument base.)

JESS: (standing by the upright on the monument base and seeing the two short pieces that CASEY is holding) Hmmm . . . I think I see what you have in mind.

CASEY: Do you really? (as she hands him the two pieces)

JESS: Yeah . . . I’ll take it from here.

(JESS takes the two pieces and attaches them to the upright, one-at-a-time, to form a cross. Then a spotlight comes on to highlight it. [For more information, see Set Design and Construction.])

FLORA: (about the cross) Wow . . . that is awesome!

CASEY: It’s beautiful!

JESS: This is a perfect way to end our mission! Now, perhaps, the people of International City will begin to reclaim some of their spiritual heritage that’s been lost.

(JESS climbs down from the monument.)

CASEY: But look, there’s more . . . the cross with the words, “International Treasure.” (as she points to the monument base) When you think about it, that’s exactly what God is. He’s the Treasure of the whole world!

FLORA: You’re right. And how fitting that it stands in the center of the city.

JESS: And in the same way, God should be the very center of our lives . . . (as he approaches front and center stage and speaks to the audience) So, what about you? Do you love Him? Do you love our great and awesome God . . . the God of the Bible? Do you “treasure” Him more than anything or anyone else? Jesus said that the first and greatest commandment is to love God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength . . . and isn’t that what He deserves? After all, He is the one and only, true God who loved us so much that He didn’t even spare His own Son, but gave Him up for us all!

(Theme music, lights down slowly for effect.)

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