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International Spy Academy: Assembly Guide (Excerpt)

International Spy Academy: Assembly Guide (Excerpt)

Grab your secret decoder ring and put on your rearview mirror glasses as you train at the International Spy Academy to become special agents for the one true God!


    • Day One Drama
      pp. 45–48

      Jess and his team go on a special mission to find the remaining copy of the Constitution before VENOM writes a new one that undermines International City’s Christian heritage.

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    • Day Two Drama
      pp. 49–52

      Jess and Casey meet Flora, who helps them in their search for the Constitution. The evil Baeloch needs a short-term memory reset and the inspector gets dragged off by a mystery person.

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    • Day Three Drama
      pp. 53–56

      Jess and Casey continue their search for the Constitution. The Chancellor has a ceremony to reveal his prize statue, but is it really a prize? Inspector Noclue turns up unexpectedly.

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    • Day Four Drama
      pp. 57–60

      A clue to the location of the Constitution is found, the spies bug a bouquet of flowers, and the inspector catches a suspect.

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    • Day Five Drama
      pp. 61–64

      VENOM'S evil plot is uncovered, but is it too late for the Truth Force to save International City?

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