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IncrediWorld Assembly Guide (Excerpt)

IncrediWorld Assembly Guide (Excerpt)

Grab the cotton candy! Strap yourself in! There’s adventure at every turn at IncrediWorld Amazement Park, where kids take a thrill ride through God’s creation.


    • Day One Drama
      pp. 45–48

      Millard attempts to infiltrate IncrediWorld and carry out a secret plan. Will he be successful?

    • Day Two Drama
      pp. 49–52

      Gabe and Cody tell others about God through their educational show at the park, and Mabel wins a three-day VIP pass to IncrediWorld.

    • Day Three Drama
      pp. 53–56

      Millard continues to cause problems at the park. Victoria wants Cody and Gabe to quit their jobs and work for Adventure TV.

    • Day Four Drama
      pp. 57–60

      Victoria tries to get Cody and Gabe to sign a contract that does not allow them to talk about God on TV. Millard finds a Bible. Will he decide to read it?

    • Day Five Drama
      pp. 61–64

      Cody and Gabe answer questions about dinosaurs during their show. Millard has a change of heart and confesses to Mr. Peterson. Will Mr. Peterson have him arrested?