Gold Rush Assembly Guide (Excerpt)

Gold Rush Assembly Guide (Excerpt)

We’re headin’ to the Old West to search for true gold and discover the answer to the most important question ever asked: “Who is Jesus of Nazareth?”


    • Day One Drama
      pp. 45–48

      Theodore Tweedle, sheriff of Discovery City, paints a new sign for his office and appoints Otis as a deputy. Caleb shares the gospel with Sadie.

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    • Day Two Drama
      pp. 49–52

      Otis tries to make Theodore take a bath. Petunia arrives in town for an audition, but learns she has made a huge mistake!

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    • Day Three Drama
      pp. 53–56

      Jake “the Snake” Jackson is on the loose. Dr. Marvel comes to town selling his albatross oil. Petunia gets caught up in her dream to become famous. Will she make wise decisions?

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    • Day Four Drama
      pp. 57–60

      Dr. Marvel is thrown into jail. Jake “the Snake” Jackson comes to town and attempts to trick the sherriff and his deputy.

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    • Day Five Drama
      pp. 61–64

      How can the sheriff protect the town from Jake “the Snake” Jackson? Petunia makes an embarrassing mistake and Sadie spreads the Word of God.

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