God Thought of It First Cards

God Thought of It First Cards

These cards detail inventions inspired by God's creation.


    • pp. 1–2

      Pulling the burrs of the burdock thistles off his clothes and his dog, George de Mestral wanted to understand how these burrs clung to his clothing and his dog's fur.

    • pp. 3–4

      Lotus plants grow in ponds and rivers, which can be very muddy, but their leaves always look clean and shiny. Why is this?

    • pp. 5–6

      A researcher in Japan observed the kingfisher diving after fish and wondered if he could apply what he’d seen to a problem he was having.

    • pp. 7–8

      Researchers have been studying the properties of the shark’s well-designed skin in order to help boaters keep their boats clean.

    • pp. 9–10

      Animals have been using echolocation since God created them to do so.