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January–March 2014

Each issue of Answers magazine includes an outstanding Kids Answers section that highlights the wonders of God’s creation with kid-friendly information and images. This issue of Kids Answers features animals that dazzle! Learn how animals were created to show God’s wisdom, and view a pull-out poster featuring animals that are masters of disguise.

Kids Answers Poster

Masters of Disguise

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Buddy Davis

Hey, Kids! Buddy Davis here. In Jesus, we have a new “pattern.” We’ve been changed so that we can point others to Him by our words and our actions.


    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      Dec. 11, 2013, pp. 2–3

      Bright colors and brilliant patterns can also send a clear signal: “Stay away!”

    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      Dec. 11, 2013, pp. 2–3

      Some animals can disappear in their surroundings.

    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      Dec. 11, 2013, pp. 3–4

      Patterns and colors can confuse other animals.

    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      Dec. 11, 2013, pp. 3–4

      The patterns and colors on some animals are like fancy clothes.

    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      What About Your Design?
      Dec. 12, 2013, pp. 4–5

      Animals are created to show God’s wisdom, but you are recreated to love God and show His love and forgiveness to others who need a new heart.