Killer Colors

October–December 2012

Killer Colors

This issue of Kids Answers investigates poison dart frogs. Why did God make poisonous creatures? Learn about colorful animals with special defense features.

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Colorful Animals

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Killer Colors

Poison dart frogs seem almost out of place in the forest. Their bright blues, greens, oranges, yellows, and reds stand out among the trees. But these rich colors also send a clear message: Watch out!

Poison Dart Frog
Buddy Davis

Hey, Kids! Buddy Davis here. Jesus promised that one day He’ll return to make everything right again. When He does, He’ll de-poison the world once and for all.


    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      Poison Dart Frogs
      Oct. 1, 2012, pp. 2–3

      Poison dart frogs are hard to miss in the tropical forests where they live.

    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      Did God Make Poison?
      Sept. 12, 2012, pp. 8–9

      Why are some animals poisonous?