Living Lights in the Deep

April–June 2012

Living Lights in the Deep

This issue of Kids Answers features creatures that live in the ocean depths. God gave some of these creatures the ability to glow in colorful displays.

Kids Answers Poster

Lights in the Deep

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Living Lights in the Deep

Deep in the ocean, the sunshine is dim or never sheds its light. Yet everything is not pitch black. Green, blue, yellow, and red lights sparkle from an unexpected source—living creatures.

Buddy Davis

Hey, Kids! Buddy Davis here. No matter where you go in our world, you see evidence of God’s wonderful design. The creatures that put on a light show deep in the ocean remind us nothing’s here by chance.


    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      When Light Comes to Life
      March 7, 2012, pp. 2–3

      If you rode in a submarine to the bottom of the ocean, the sun would disappear, and the dark water would swallow you. But light is not missing down there.

    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      March 7, 2012, pp. 3–4

      When animals and bacteria make their own light, scientists give it a big name: bioluminescence.

    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      Be a Living Light
      March 7, 2012, pp. 6–7

      Jesus gave many of His creatures the ability to create light in the darkest places. And He wants us to shine our lights too.