God Designed It First

January–March 2012

God Designed It First

This issue of Kids Answers features God’s amazing designs and how they have inspired human inventions.

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God Designed It First!

God packed the world full of amazing designs. What He made has inspired some great human inventions.

Buddy Davis

Hey, Kids! Buddy Davis here. Even in a not-so-perfect world, the evidence of God’s handiwork pops up in everything from walruses to worms. Just imagine how much better it will be when the world is perfect once again.


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      Bad Design?
      Dec. 8, 2011

      Couldn’t God have made a world without harmful designs?

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      God-Inspired Design in Your Home
      Dec. 27, 2011

      The more scientists study the world, the more they find ways to apply God's designs to make things easier in your home.