The Waved Albatross

January–March 2009

The Waved Albatross

This issue of Kids Answers discusses interesting facts about the fascinating creatures on the Galapagos Islands.

Kids Answers Poster

Galapagos Island

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Buddy Davis

Hey kids! I’m Buddy Davis! As I travel around the world, I’ve seen that every animal belongs to its own special kind. That’s exactly the way God told us He created them . . . in Genesis!


    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      The Waved Albatross
      Dec. 9, 2008, pp. 1–2

      Facts about the waved albatross

    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      Created Kinds
      Dec. 10, 2008, pp. 3–4

      God made each family (kind) totally different from any other family.

    • Children Kids Magazine Article
      Differences Between Mankind and Animals
      Dec. 10, 2008, pp. 4–5

      Humans are different from any animal! We were made special in God's image.