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January–March 2007

January–March 2007

Each issue of Answers magazine includes an outstanding Kids Answers section that highlights the wonders of God’s creation with kid-friendly information, images and games. This edition has great kid-friendly information about polar bears, a “search-and find” poster featuring hidden arctic animals and more!

Click & find poster

Find all the hidden animals in the picture. Click and drag to see more of the picture, use the buttons to zoom, and click on an animal to find out its name.

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Polar Animals

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Buddy Davis

Hey Buddy!

Queston: How did the people get to the Arctic?

Answer: Well, it all goes back to the Tower of Babel! Their ancestors eventually moved there after God confused the languages of the grandchildren of Noah about 4,200 years ago! You can read more about the Tower of Babel in the Bible, Genesis 11.


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