The Camel—One Hump or Two?

October–December 2006

The Camel—One Hump or Two?

This issue of Kids Answers contains fun facts about the amazing camel, dispels myths about the Nativity, includes a biblically accurate nativity poster and more!

Kids Answers Poster

Kids Answers poster

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More about this special night

Wow! God was born in a stable and His name is Jesus! A stable was different back then—it wasn’t really a “barn” like you see on farms today. Many times it was nothing but a cave in the mountainside where the animals would be safe, dry and warm.

That manger doesn’t look too comfortable, does it? A manger was really a trough, often made out of stone. The animals would eat or drink out of these mangers or troughs. This is where Mary laid her new, sweet baby.

This must have been a beautiful, special night!

Quiz Answers

How much do you know?


  • StarMatthew 2:9-10
  • Angels — Luke 2:13
  • ShepherdsLuke 2:8
  • BethlehemMatthew 2:5-6
  • Baby JesusMatthew 1:21
  • JosephMatthew 1:20
  • MaryMatthew 1:18
  • MangerLuke 2:7

Star Craft

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Download star craft instructions and template
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