Whale Gymnastics

on June 27, 2011

If you spot a whale, you might also see whale gymnastics.

Whale Gymnastics

Logging (far left)—Whales sometimes rest at the surface of the water with part of their heads and dorsal fins sticking above the waves.

Breaching (second from left)—Some whales can leap completely out of the water and create an enormous splash. Dolphins are especially good acrobats.

Lobtailing (third from left)—Imagine a whale’s giant tail coming out and slapping the surface of the water. Wow, that’s one big wallop.

Spyhopping (right)—Some whales pop their heads out of the water to look around. Killer whales like to poke out their snouts to see what tasty treats might be close by.

Wonderful Whales

This issue of Kids Answers highlights types of whales, some differences between whales and fish, whale gymnastics, and the experiences of Jonah.

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