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on December 11, 2013

Some animals can disappear in their surroundings.

Some animals can disappear in their surroundings. The patterns on their bodies work like camouflage to keep them safe—or help them sneak up on lunch.

Orange Oakleaf Butterfly

Orange Oakleaf Butterfly You probably think of butterflies as brightly colored. And the orange oakleaf doesn’t disappoint—as long as its wings are open. Once they’re closed, however, the irregular shape and brown color with veins and spots make this butterfly look like a dried up leaf.


Stonefish That’s not a rock. It’s actually a fish, with bumps and gray colors similar to nearby rocks or coral. Stonefish like to sit on the seafloor, even if the tide goes out. So watch where you step—it’s one of the world’s most venomous fish.


Leopard Those black spots on the leopard, called rosettes (rose-ETS), help make these big cats virtually vanish as they stalk prey. Their yellow coat can also be brighter or duller depending on where they live—from deserts to tropical forests. Little animals beware!

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