Kids Feedback: What is Satan’s Dominion?

on July 28, 2011

My 13-year-old son asked, “What is Satan’s dominion?” We talked about Adam handing Satan the “keys to the kingdom” at the fall, but we didn’t know how to answer how far that extends. We said the whole earth and he replied, “But what about when man travels to the moon?” So what was the dominion man was originally to rule over and what does Satan now control? Anywhere space probes go? Only human space travel? Thank you for your assistance.

– L.H., Colorado

Thanks so much for sending in your son’s questions. Bodie Hodge, a speaker, writer, and researcher at Answers in Genesis, answers many questions such as these in his book, The Fall of Satan. The following is Bodie’s response to your son’s questions.

Satan didn’t have a dominion, so when he fell, it only affected his own person. This is why he went after those who had dominion over the world (Adam and Eve). When Adam and Eve sinned, they effectively surrendered their dominion, in one sense, to Satan. Hence, Satan is called the “prince of the air” (Ephesians 2:2) or “ruler of this world” (John 14:30).

But Satan has been judged (John 16:11) and Jesus now reigns on heaven and on earth (Matthew 28:18). Jesus effectively conquered Satan on the Cross and with His resurrection. This is why believers have particular authority—recall those following Christ were casting out demons and so on (Luke 9:1; Acts 1:8; 1 John 4:4). This is why Christians who resist the devil force him to flee (James 4:7). It is not of our power but of Christ’s who is Conqueror.

Think of Jesus’ parable about the strong man in Matthew 12:25-30. Many theologians hold to a position of Satan having his power limited by Christ (“bind the strong man”), so that the gospel can progress. Satan is indeed powerful and active but his fight is a lost cause. All authority, highest kingship (i.e. King of kings) and dominion belong to Christ (1 Timothy 6:15; 1 Peter 5:11; Revelation 1:5).

Bodie Hodge
Speaker, writer, and researcher for Answers in Genesis

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