Sick Squad: Level Three

Illustration by Ruslan Safarov

on May 1, 2019

Sadly, in our fallen world, your level one and level two defenders sometimes fail to keep you healthy. But should you worry? Not yet! God packed your body with different types of white blood cells. They act as the ultimate “secret weapons” to knock out sick germs that slip past your other defenses.


Illustration by Ruslan Safarov



Know what the name macrophage means? Big eaters! That’s because these giant white blood cells live all over your body and gobble up anything that shouldn’t be there.


Illustration by Ruslan Safarov



Just call these white blood cells the “super scouts.” They zip around your blood to your entire body and seek out sickness-causing germs. When they find any—wham! Goodbye, germ!


Illustration by Ruslan Safarov

B Cells & T Cells

God gave B cells and T cells some incredible “super powers.” This dynamic duo can adapt their attack on invading bad germs to better destroy them. And they even “remember” how to defeat those same germs later. That means you’re less likely to have repeat offenders.

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God designed our bodies with a super squad of defenders to fight sickness.

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