Secrets of the Heart

on March 1, 2020

An international team of researchers has discovered that the human heart produces unique “mini-proteins” that play a role in the heart’s energy production. Many basic facts about the complex human heart remain mysterious, and research continues to yield surprises. Researchers are hopeful that further understanding of how the proteins function will help treat heart disease, since many heart problems are caused by faulty energy metabolism.

Human Heart

Since these proteins don’t appear in other creatures we have studied, such as mice, scientists assume they must have evolved in humans very recently. Creationists have a simpler explanation: these proteins show just how special the human heart is, designed by the Creator to supply the needs of a unique creation—man and woman—made in his image.

We are constantly learning things we didn’t know about the intricacies of God’s design—including his design of humans. Rather than simply causing us to marvel at nature, each new discovery should humble us and cause us to turn our eyes to our Creator in wonder and worship.

Article was taken from Answers magazine, September–October, 2019, 18.