Heroes of Your Health

Illustration by Ruslan Safarov

on May 1, 2019

No sickness—at all. Nada. Zilcho. None.

When God created the world back in Genesis 1 and 2, that’s just what Adam and Eve experienced. When they walked under the trees of Eden, they didn’t worry about cold germs lurking around the bend. When they tended to the plants, they never gave a thought to a stomach bug.

They never even had to wash their hands to avoid catching a flu virus. No bad germs = no need to worry about the sniffles. Woohoo! But the world today is very different. Our world isn’t like the one God tells us about in Genesis 1 and 2. One day you feel fine, and the next you feel like the school bus hit you. Achy joints, stuffy nose, headache—it just seems to come out of nowhere. So what gives?

Well, when Adam disobeyed God (Genesis 3), the Bible tells us that sin and disease and death came slithering into the world. Some germs that were once good became really bad. (That means you shouldn’t eat your lunch now without washing your hands first.)

But don’t miss something really important here! Our world may be a cursed place, but God is still very, very good. He didn’t leave us defenseless against the nasty noroviruses or the attack of sneaky salmonella. Instead, he had a plan to take care of us even in a place with so much sickness. When God created people, he also made some “heroes.”

These miniature heroes just don’t make the blockbusters.

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