The Eyes Have It

on November 17, 2015

Our eyes are incredibly well made and complex. God designed them so that they’re always pointed at whatever we’re looking at even if we tilt our head. Special muscles help us move our eyes and even open to allow more light in when it’s dark. Our eyelids protect our eyes and work like windshield wipers, using a specially made liquid that glands above our eyes secrete. There are even built-in drains to remove any extra liquid, like when you cry.

Eyes are like a camera. They have a diaphragm (iris), lens (lens and cornea), and a light-sensitive layer for seeing instead of taking pictures (retina). In many ways, the eye is way better than any camera we could make. Even Charles Darwin said he had a hard time believing that eyes could evolve.

But as we get older, our eyes wear out and people usually need glasses. This should remind us of how God created everything “very good,” but how Adam sinned and we are suffering under a Curse because of sin. But if we look to Jesus, just like the Israelites looked upon the bronze serpent in Numbers 21, we can be saved from our sin and eventually have perfect bodies with Jesus and His people forever.

Human Eye

Image reproduced from Holly Fischer, Wikipedia.

Diagram of the human eye

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