Zoo Guide Crossword 1

on August 15, 2016

Using the clues and the words in the list below, fill in the crossword puzzle.

Vocabulary Words

  • Biomes
  • Dinosaur
  • Eight
  • Evolution
  • Extinction
  • Fall
  • Flood
  • Grasslands
  • Jesus
  • Natural Selection
  • Perfect
  • Plants
  • Six
  • Stewards
  • Taiga

Crossword Puzzle

  • How many people were saved by getting on the ark?
  • Which biome is also known as the pampas?
  • The world is divided into different regions of habitation called __________.
  • __________ is the belief that one kind of animal has changed to become another kind of animal.
  • How many days did God take to create?
  • God created the whole world and everything in it __________.
  • __________ is the process by which animals die out when they don't have the ability to adapt to their surroundings.
  • Who came to earth to pay the penalty of sin for all of mankind?
  • The coniferous forest region is also called the __________.
  • __________ is when a certain type of animal dies out.
  • God destroyed the whole earth in the great __________.
  • Death came into the world after the __________.
  • God commanded man to have dominion over the earth. With this command comes the demand for us to be good __________ of what God has given us.
  • The average size of a __________ was about the size of a small pony.
  • Originally, all animals ate __________.
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