Thanksgiving Dinnertime Game

Answers Bible Curriculum Thanksgiving Lesson

on November 14, 2017


  • Food labels (download below) printed on paper or sticky labels
  • Tape
  • Chairs


Print and cut out food labels for each student, adjusting the number of copies so that two or more students have the same label. The game will work well (and be more chaotic!) if three or more of each food is used. Tape or stick a label on each student where it will be visible and readable. For a small class, you may give each student more than one label, or you may use two copies of just one label sheet to ensure at least two of each food is included.

Set up chairs in a large circle with one fewer chair than the entire group. The student without a chair will be the leader, or you may start as the leader.

The leader stands in the middle of the circle and calls out one or more foods (from the students’ labels). Students with that label must quickly change places. The leader keeps calling foods at a fast pace and watching students trade seats until yelling, “Dinnertime!” When “Dinnertime” is called, everyone, including the leader, scrambles for a new seat (students may not remain seated or return to the same seat). The student left without a seat is the new leader and takes over calling foods and choosing when to yell “Dinnertime!” to try to regain a seat. Continue playing as time allows.

Suggested Discussion

Thanksgiving dinner is something we look forward to. There are so many great things to eat and wonderful traditions! When we enjoy a special meal with family and friends, we’re reminded of God’s blessing and goodness. This year, make sure you thank God for your family and the dinner you share together because all good gifts come from him.

Thanksgiving Dinnertime Game Download PDF

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